You Think Your Venue is Audio "Challenged"?

Every city has one, the one location each audio engineer dreads.

Tectonic Plates are providing incredible sound to some of the hardest venue's imaginable. Because of the performance and unique characteristics of these DML based loudspeakers, now even some of those "hated" locations can be tamed. 

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A Sound Solution For Any Space

W VESA-Mount 5.jpgThe Tectonic system provides solutions to very common problems encountered when designing, installing and operating commercial sound reinforcement systems. The unique form factor of flat panels and remarkable acoustic characteristics allow for solutions not previously possible from existing box/cone/dome speaker designs.

Flexible Form Factor 

Tectonic panels and subs can be mounted where large format speaker boxes just can’t go, yet provide comparable or superior sound performance. At 5' x 2' x 3 inches, panels can be flown in many configurations with minimal hardware and disruption to sight lines, wall mounted or on VESA-mounts for ultimate flexibility.


Given the modular nature of panels and subs, the Tectonic system is scalable even when hanging from a single pair of stereo mounts. Audiences of a couple of hundred to over 5,000 can be accommodated by adding more panels and subs, without the need for additional hardware and rigging points.


Saddle Rack 3.jpgA four panel, four subwoofer system can provide full stereo coverage at consistent volume levels to spaces of up to 5,000 people. 165 degree horizontal coverage from a single panel or array covers evenly without the need for additional side-fill speakers. Panel placement relative to the performance area is extremely flexible due to the Tectonic system’s extreme feedback resistance.


Tectonic panels can be discretely mounted in soffits, along walls or as under-balcony fills. A form factor of only 3 inches deep and 60 - 98 lbs. total weight allows for architectural mounting solutions that are easily accomplished with minimal hardware. With a 165 degree horizontal coverage, a minimum of panels can cover a maximum area.


With wide horizontal coverage and near immunity to feed-back, Tectonic panels are uniquely qualified for installed monitor applications. In addition to side-fill placements, more creative options include placements behind the performers, in-floor and in down-stage rigging. The form factor allows for maximum coverage with minimal disruption on sight-lines.

Mounting Options

PL-11 Hang 1.jpgTectonic panels can be hard-mounted to walls and other hard surfaces, or flown in traditional hangs and arrays. In addition, panels are VESA-mount compliant and able to be used with virtually any mounting solution currently provided for flat-screen video monitors. Very specific aiming and arraying problems are easily addressed with a multitude of mounting options from many vendors.

Architectural Treatments

Sanctuary 2.jpgThe flat form factor and thin profile of a Tectonic panel lends itself very well to architectural treatments able to blend into to almost any environment. Panels can be painted or covered in appropriate fabric or other acoustically transparent material for seamless blending with almost any décor.

Cost of Ownership – Power & Outboard Gear 

The Tectonic system is extremely efficient and therefore requires minimal A.C. power and amplifier support. For comparison, systems of four panels and four subs per side have completely filled venues up to 5,400 seats; powered from a pair of 110V A.C. cables and three or four decent amplifiers. There is no need to run 220V three-phase power and distribution panels or to install racks of amplifiers and out-board e.q.’s. A single DSP processor to manage cross-over and house e.q. functions is all that’s required and can be installed in a small equipment bay.

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