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 Tectonic In Hotel Ballrooms

Managing modular hotel ballrooms of less than ideal configurations.  (click for full article)


Dallas Union Station with Wolfgang Puck Catering

Regional Manager Jack Murray explains the Tectonic advantage for this difficult but highly desirable event venue. 


Celebrity Softball Tournament

High SPL audio for 2,500 folks in the 'Fan Zone' of a MLB ballpark. (click for full article)


Fundraiser in a Highly Reverberant Space

After-party event for a celebrity auction at the Mercedes-Benz, Seattle showroom. (click for full article)


ScalEable Solution

Large-format, very high fidelity audio in a combined hotel ballroom setting for ~2,500 people. (click for full article)



A Better Solution for A/V Rentals.

Tectonic Bending Wave Loudspeakers are fundamentally different from existing speaker systems and a revolution in loudspeaker technology.  Everything that is unique about the design and performance of Tectonic speakers makes fiscal and operational sense for A/V Rental companies.

Economical to Deploy For Any Job


There’s a better business model than specifying a system design for each job, which includes pulling SKU’s, loading the truck on the night shift for tomorrow’s job, complicated setup and operation, tear down and checking it all in again at the end of the day.

AV / Rental companies can simply dedicate a 16’ box truck to Tectonic Plates™, lifts Tectonic-Toaster-Unload-1.jpgand/or stands, an amp rack and a production case; and have this rig ready to go and able to handle nearly any common A/V job. Pull-out as many Tectonic panels from our ‘toaster’ multi-panel cases as needed for the job, select the appropriate mounting and go!

A single 16’ box truck can accommodate a selection of Tectonic panels and mounts to handle jobs from 100 seats in a meeting room to a 5,000 seat theater, ballroom or outdoor space.

Manage Tough Rooms

Union_Station_Veritical_Plates_1_SmMany event venues that are attractive to owners and planners were never designed for live sound. Making audio work in beautiful spaces can become a formidable task and is often provided as a ‘good enough’ solution.

The acoustic performance properties of Tectonic Bending Wave Loudspeakers overcome the common problems of even the most challenging spaces. The combination of extremely wide full-frequency coverage, minimal destructive interaction with reflective boundaries, extreme feedback resistance and superior system intelligibility assures that what is put up for an event will work exceptionally well every time.

Client Branding

AlaskaAirTectonic panels are available in custom colors and custom branded acoustically-transparent covers, ‘socks’.  The socks can be printed with photo level quality to present a brand logo or any other artwork desired by a client. 

Grow Your Business

Tectonic is the most economical and scalable system that you can deployed to manage costs and maximize profit.  Take any size job, from 100 people and up to 5,000 seats. Show-up and set-up super-fast. Deliver superior results the first time. Get out fast. Get client call backs.


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