Here's what folks are saying about Tectonic speaker systems.

Hear first-hand from artists, technicians, producers, installers and engineers.


Jazz Icon Herbie Hancock talks about experiencing Tectonic speakers for the first time.Video courtesy of the NAMM Oral History  Program
Jean-Luc Ponty, Jon Anderson and FOH mixer Glenn Kern compare Tectonic to 'traditional' sound reinforcement speaker systems.
Axia Concepts' Bryan Cole explores the Tectonic system. This seven part series provides advice and solutions for sound system problems faced by nearly every church.
Matt Woll - Rain City Music - describes the experience of performing with Tectonic PL-11s vs. traditional pistonic speaker systems.
  • "You will hear the future. This is the best upgrade in audio since the condenser mic."

    Dan East - The Mix Doctor


  • "Tectonic Audio Labs' new speaker system designs are a major leap forward in the evolution of sound." 

    Bryan Bell – Herbie Hancock, John McLaughlin, Weather Report, Chick Corea…



  • "Everything about these speakers is phenomenal. Tectonic is introducing a new paradigm."

    - Roy 'Futureman' Wooten

  •  “I heard every word. First time in 25 years. I am a candidate for hearing aids, but not today.”

    Jay S. – Parishioner, St. Louise


The world's leading Latin music vocalists comment on Tectonic speakers at the live taping of the PBS "Unity - Latin Tribute to Michael Jackson" special for the 2015 Fall Arts Festival.
Roy 'Futureman' Wooten of Bela Fleck and the Flektones - composer, arranger, conductor, philosopher - talks about the future of sound reinforcement with Tectonic Audio Labs speakers.
Very candid comments from a seasoned AV/Rental & Production team after their first Tectonic system demo. 
Christian music legend Phil Keaggy performs through the Tectonic system and talks about Tectonic speakers at WFX 2015, Nashiville.
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    "I've truly never experienced a more clear and immersive live band sound than what I heard yesterday through those speakers."

    Jesse Butterworth - pastor of Rain City Church, Bellevue, WA

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    "Tectonic has truly changed the game in terms of live sound, and I’m so grateful that we are working together. "

    Tony Succar – Unity: Latin Tribute to Michael Jackson

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    “The Tectonic speaker is really mind boggling. I swear I am switching it out in every design I have on the table right now."

    Doug Burns - Clarity Incorporated

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     “I am still floored with live sound, playback audio, anything coming from this system. My house system could never do this.”

    Isaac Taylor – Technical Director – Olympia Theater, Miami

Austin Jenckes of 'The Voice' performs in front of the Tectonic system.
Indie artist Margo Valiante talks about performing through the Tectonic system at SIR, Nashville.
Tectonic speakers demonstrated in a highly reverberant space with superior intelligibility and feedback resistant performance.
Composer / Keyboardist / Courtesy Producer Tim Hinkley on Tectonic speakers.
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    For me, it was an impressive look at what the future of technology is bringing us; smaller, more compact and with a lot more quality.”

    Angel Lopez Unity, Son By 4

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    “Beautiful, clear, crisp and excellent sounding. Everything about these speakers is phenomenal."

    Roy “Futureman” WootenArtist, Composer, Bela Fleck & The Flecktones

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    "Tectonic Audio Lab's new speaker system designs are a major leap forward in the evolution of sound quality."

    Bryan BellHerbie Hancock, John McLaughlin, Weather Report, Chick Corea…

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    “Tectonic's technology is, by and far, one of the most revolutionary pieces of audio technology that I have seen in decades."

    Peter Wells - Nashville, TN

Tony Succar - visionary, composer, arranger, performer - talks about Tectonic as a creative element for 'Unity - Latin Tribute to Michael Jackson'.
Tectonic speakers are extremely resistant to feedback. Here's a pretty compelling demo!

Elton John drummer Charlie Morgan talks about the advancements in Resonant Mode Audio systems.

Larry Knight - guitarist with Jimmy Buffet and IMPACT - comments on the sound quality of the Tectonic speaker system.

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    "Whether for rock or more quiet material, the difference with the Plates is dramatic."

    Don Bassey - Empress Theater

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    "This is truly the future of prosound for many, many applications regardless of if they are for touring or fixed installs.” 

    Alan Parkison

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    "It’s new technology. It’s going to change the face of touring."

    Larry Knight – Jimmy Buffet, IMPACT

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    "We were doubtful but my mind was blown and I am happy to say that I was proven wrong.”

    Isaac Taylor – Technical Director – Olympia Theater, Miami

Brad Daigle of MSC Systems and St. Paul United Methodist Church Youth Director Matt Carter detail acoustic problems and the Tectonic solution for a highly reverberant sanctuary.

Technical Director Isaac Taylor of the Olympia Theater, Miami comments on and compares Tectonic to the house sound system.

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