Fast and efficient

Easy to Manage

Getting your gear operational for each gig can be difficult, back-breaking and time consuming.  

Not only do Tectonic Plates sound amazing, but with the rigging developed, set-up can be fast and easy.





The Tectonic Plates light-duty rigging solution for up to five panels is elegantly simple. Integral square rigging tubes on each plate are easily joined to the next plate with a selection of angled interconnects; and secured with quick-release pins.

0°, 3°, 5°, 10° and 15° interconnect bars allow for optimal coverage patterns. The “Pterodactyl” center of gravity master hanging mount allows for adjustment of even the most extreme coverage curves. Pull-back points are also available. Panel-Flyware-Line-Art-Web


VESA™ Mount Compatible Tectonic Plates are VESA mount compatible for use with standardized flat-panel video mounting systems. Tectonic Plates can be discretely placed and aimed for theater, church and commercial installations with currently available hardware.