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The form factor of Tectonic Plates™ allows for yet another dimension in loudspeaker use for installations or portable applications.

Acoustically transparent ‘Socks’ turn any Tectonic speakers into branded signage or blend them seamlessly into any architectural design.


We tested over a dozen fabrics in our anechoic chamber to find the one that was >99% acoustically transparent. We then found a manufacturing partner who could print on this fabric using a dye-sublimation process vs. paint pigments used in silk screening.

xFinity_Fitting_SmWith the combination of fabric and print process, Tectonic can provide up to 300 dpi photo-quality images on a sock that is UV resistant and machine washable.

Each sock is hand sewn with integral elastic cording to make a covering that is easily attached and able to be changed out at-will during rigging / mounting or after installation.


AlaskaAirAny logo can be printed onto a single Tectonic Plate or segmented down a hang of multiple plates. Corporate A/V companies and host venues can keep an inventory of company socks for each occasion and swap them out in seconds.

Blending or Hiding

Brick_Sock_WebBeyond our custom speaker powder-coat color options, Tectonic Socks can be colored to match any architectural plan. The digital print process can replicate any Pantone™, CMYK, RGB or Hex color values.

For very critical demands of blending a speaker installation on a textured or highly visual surface such as veined marble, stone or brick, we can print a 1:1 high-res 300dpi image of the background surface onto a sock to make a Tectonic Plate nearly invisible.

Please keep in mind that, although printing in 300dpi resolution, images are printed on permeable, acoustically transparent fabric. The saturation and sharpness achieved when printing on solid surfaces cannot be fully replicated on permeable fabric.  Furthermore, Mounted PL-Series speakers will stand proud of the surface to which they are mounted and will often be viewed off-axis. Please consult with your Tectonic adviser to discuss possible limitations and solutions.


The same acoustically transparent fabric that works so well for coloring and printing also makes for an excellent 100% white projection surface. Clubs, mobile DJs and digital signage applications can now cut equipment needs in half. The speaker is the video screen!

Graphics Delivery File Formats

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PL- Series Sock Mounting Directions

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