Tectonic Rigging System

The Tectonic Rigging System is a light-to-medium duty modular exo-skeleton for lifting or flying up to five PL-12s or ten PL-11s. This modular system is based on rigging tubes, angled connector bars and accessories with quick-pin connection onto which PL series panels are bolted. Rigging tubes accept all accessory mounting and interconnect bars to create lifts for virtually any coverage situation. The ‘pick-and-click’ system lets you pull a 4×4 panel per side rig for up to 5,000 seats from a pair of Tectonic Toaster™ Cases in minutes. Typically, portable PL-series speaker systems have CTL Rigging Tubes permanently attached for quick and easy mounting.

Please note: The entire load is borne by the Tectonic Rigging System. At no time is any load placed on the PL panels themselves; they merely bolt to this rugged and configurable frame. Each rigging element is rated to over 200% of actual recommended usage.


  • Designed by Tectonic for optimal ease of use
  • Certified by ATM™ Flyware
  • Fast to Use