Single Panel VESA™ Mounting

Tectonic flat panel speakers look a lot like flat panel TVs and can even use the same VESA-mount hardware for permanent wall-mount installations. Here are a couple of guidelines for selecting an appropriate VESA wall-mount system:

  • 100 to 200 lb. capacity. The mount should be able to support at least twice what the Tectonic panel weighs.
  • 8” clearance from the wall. Tectonic panels need breathing room between the rear grill and the wall to faithfully reproduce lower frequencies.
  • Universal VESA mounting size adjustment. VESA mounts are available in fixed or universal bolt patterns to connect to devices. Tectonic flat panel speakers need at least a 325mm W x 486mm H bolt hole pattern.


Here is a brief list of Universal VESA wall-mount systems that can accommodate PL-11 / PL-11NR:

Mfg, Model #

Premier Mounts, AM175
Crimson, AE63LL
Crimson, A63F
Crimson, A631
Crimson, A65
Crimson, P65