First Alert Onelink Safe & Sound

“While playing tunes from my Amazon library, the alarm’s powerful 10-watt speaker delivered solid bass with crisp midrange and high frequency response.” —John R. Delaney,


The team at First Alert wanted to include a clear, highly intelligible speaker in their new all-encompassing home product, which combines the benefits of a smart speaker with an innovative smoke and carbon monoxide alarm.


Tectonic Audio Labs engineers worked closely with the First Alert engineering team to understand their requirements and figure out how to optimize the drive unit work within the product design constraints.

Next, the Tectonic team conducted electro-acoustic and FEA simulations to identify the optimum acoustic configuration and designed the custom components.
This was closely followed by a validation exercise where Tectonic provided a 3D-printed rapid prototype.

“From the design phase all the way through to optimization and mass production, our teams were closely interfaced,” said Tim Whitwell, VP of Engineering at Tectonic Audio Labs.

The result? Tectonic developed a custom solution for First Alert built around our TEBM28C10-4/A drive unit utilizing bending wave technology coupled with passive radiators for extended bass performance. This provided for a very compact, high performance audio package with room-filling directivity and intelligibility.

Receiving rave reviews, this trendy smoke alarm smart speaker is now available via Amazon and other major outlets.