Luxury European Car Company

“Leading brands look for differentiation and new technologies to stand them apart from conventional speaker systems. We offer a technology that’s unique.” —Neil Robb, Director of Worldwide OEM Sales, Tectonic Audio Labs


Create an even distribution of sound in the vehicle, so that the driver and all passengers enjoy great audio throughout the space. Also important: create this experience with a low weight distribution of components.


Position Tectonic BMRs across the instrument panel–left, right and center as well as near the tops of the door trim and at the base of the C pillars. Given that BMRs deliver a wide frequency range, this allows more of the audio content to be reproduced nearer to ear level, elevating the sound stage.

Traditionally, mid-range speakers in vehicles are located in the doors well below ear level, which creates discontinuity between the all-important mid-range and the treble due to the split location of the mid-range and the tweeter. The more mid-range and treble sound you can reproduce from a speaker at a higher point up in the vehicle, the more intelligible the audio production will be.

Tectonic was able to deliver full-range audio from a single-drive unit to help fill the vehicle evenly with sound. The BMR is no larger than a typical mid-range unit, so size and weight constraints were met as well. A ‘win-win’ in every respect.