Parrot MINIKIT Neo 2HD

With the form factor of the Tectonic exciter attached to a resonating surface, which has been architected to maximise performance, there is no need for a speaker grille, so we can easily accommodate the clean industrial design goals of the MINIKIT Neo 2HD. —Neil Robb, Director of Worldwide OEM Sales, Tectonic Audio Labs


To create a hands-free option for calls conducted in a vehicle that reproduces the human voice immaculately, providing sound that can clearly be heard throughout the automobile.


The Parrot MINIKIT Neo 2HD allows drivers and passengers to conduct business and chat with friends in high definition—without holding a device—in the comfort of their vehicle. The Parrot MINIKIT Neo 2HD clips to any sun visor for ease of use.

Tectonic’s TEAX14C02-8 exciter makes the small, effective design possible. The product’s portability, high intelligibility and 6-month battery life make it a winner with users worldwide.