Tomball Assembly of God

“We are so impressed with the overall product that Tectonic put together. It has hands down allowed us to reach more people clearly and effectively than ever before.” —Johnny Willard, Tomball Worship Pastor


Tomball Assembly of God Church, which has a 1978 A-frame sanctuary with wood paneling and harsh angles, received weekly complaints from worshipers about the sound. They struggled to hear and when they could hear, they found the acoustics to be very harsh. The staff at Tomball wanted to eliminate any frustration and irritability their existing sound issues were causing during their services.

Systems Integrator Chase Daigle of MSC Systems, Ltd. explained, “We were initially approached by the church to provide a solution that would provide smooth, even full range coverage, something the old system lacked. They were also looking at a master plan where they might move the system into a larger space, so the system needed to be scalable. The space has hard reflected surfaces, an A-frame roof, and flat back wall.”


Daigle concluded, “From past experiences we knew that Tectonic audio gear would not only work great in this space but also scale into a larger system if they did indeed make the switch.”

By placing two Tectonic PL-11NR Distributed Mode Loudspeakers, one Tectonic LS-218 Subwoofer and a Powersoft T604 Amplifier strategically throughout the sanctuary, the issues have been eliminated. In fact, in the eight months since the install, the Tomball team has received no sound complaints.

Johnny Willard explains, “Since we have installed the system, we have completely eliminated our hearing assistance system. People can hear so well, they don’t need the assistance any longer. People with hearing aids don’t feel the pressure that normal speakers produce.” He continues, “We have had a tremendous boost of engagement because what we produce on stage is clearly and effectively heard in our audience.”