Treasure Island Ballroom

“For the first time in 10 years working at this venue I can walk in every area of the ballroom in amazement of the even coverage and clarity with no delay speakers, only my Tectonic front of house line array covers it all!” —Carlos Elorza, Lead Audio Tech, Treasure Island Ballroom


The popular event space is 102 ft deep and has a 19 ft ceiling with multiple crown molding pockets, which create slap back and sound delays in all directions. Configuring the room for different purposes—everything from full-production concerts to academic conferences—can be tricky, as the audio needs vary.


Creating a front-of-house line array using three Tectonic PL-11 Distributed Mode Loudspeakers per side, along with dual LS-212 and dual LS-218 subwoofers, also per side, achieved even coverage like never before.

Carlos Elorza, Lead Audio Tech at Treasure Island Ballroom first learned of this breakthrough technology after first being introduced to Tectonic at at trade show in 2014. After seeing the Distributed Mode Loudspeakers in action, he remarked, “The Tectonic system faithfully reproduces what you put into it.”

After the install at Treasure Island, which gave Elzora first-hand experience with the gear, Elzora concluded, “I can finally offer the best sound across the board in any situation.”