W Bellevue

“From the first time I used Tectonic loudspeakers, I was blown away.” —Dante Mcgrapth, Living Room Manager


The new sound system for the W Bellevue Living Room bar and Civility and Unrest speakeasy had to furnish equal volume, stereo and intelligible audio over extremely complex spaces. Furthermore, the design had to match the immaculate aesthetics of this world-class hospitality brand.


By placing Tectonic Audio Labs flat panel Distributed Mode Loudspeakers strategically throughout the spaces, hanging from the ceiling and mounted in unexpected areas, an even sound is achieved for guests no matter where they choose to relax.

In the Living Room, patrons barely notice the hanging loudspeakers due to their compact nature; even less so at Civility and Unrest downstairs. The unconventional speakeasy features traditional seating and also boasts a circular bench in the back. Everyone can hear the music clearly, but they can’t necessarily see it.