• Flat Panel Professional Speakers


    The Revolutionary Sound Technology of

    Tectonic Speaker
  • Incredible Acoustic Performance

    Wide Stereo Coverage

    To every seat in the room

  • Flat Panel Acoustic Performance

    Clear and Crisp vocal

    Spoken Word to full performance

    Tectonic Speaker
  • Minimal Room Interaction Speakers

    room interaction

    Reduces the necessity of room treatment

  • No feedback speakers

    Superior sound feedback

    Maximum feedback

  • Speakers that cost less to use

    Economical to own and operate

    Economies of Use
    & Ownership

  • Tectonic Audio Labs' new speaker system designs are a major leap forward in the evolution of sound quality, price and performance in the audio markets for touring, installations and consumer products.

    — Brian Bell - Herbie Hancock, John McLaughlin, Weather Report, Chick Corea…

  • ... a small, passionate team can give new life to a brilliant technology, and create experiences few would have imagined. This is technology at its best.

    Barron's Magazine

  • As thin as these speakers are, they can’t sound that big, right?… They had a humongous sound that was absolutely earth shattering. I was amazed at how great sounding these speakers were. You could use these for Front of House. It’s a whole new ballgame with these speakers.

    Herbie Hancock

  • Shocked isn't even close to how I feel after hearing the Tectonic system in my venue. This is the next step in live audio. Tectonic just proved my assumptions wrong. This has just blown my mind. What is this? Witchcraft?!!

    Isaac Taylor – Technical Director - Olympia Theater, Miami

  • You will hear the future. This is the best upgrade in audio since the condenser mic. There is no denying this major leap for pro-audio. Find a way to experience this stuff! I've heard it. It's impressive.

    Dan East - The Mix Doctor

  • Whether for rock or quiet material, the difference with the Tectonic system is dramatic. The soundstage and instrument separation in the mix is more defined. Now, when I hear acoustic music in this room, I’m in heaven.

    Don Bassey - Empress Theatre, Vallejo, CA

  • Beautiful, clear, crisp and excellent sounding. Everything about these speakers is phenomenal. Tectonic is introducing a new paradigm. With the Tectonic speakers behind my orchestra, everyone can hear their performance in context and it’s a very holistic experience.

    Roy “Futureman” Wooten – Artist, Composer, Bela Fleck & The Flecktones

  • The Tectonic speaker system is really mind boggling. I swear I am switching it out in every design I have on the table right now. Can you say 'back to the drawing board?'

     Doug Burns -  Clarity Incorporated

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Extreme feedback resistance

System Overview

Tectonic Plates provide major advancements in acoustic performance over traditional pistonic speaker systems. Learn more here.

Extreme Feedback Resistance

Acoustic Performance

Tectonic Plates redefine expectations:
•    Wide coverage
•    Minimal room interaction
•    Intelligibility
•    Feedback resistance
•    Discover the Acoustic Performance difference.

Easy to rig or mount

Value Equation

Tectonic flat panel loudspeakers change the economics of installed, corporate A/V, and touring speaker systems on a fundamental level.  Interested on how Tectonic Speakers can impact your bottom line?  Read more.

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Tectonic Speaker

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