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    The Revolutionary Sound Technology of

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    Tectonic Speaker
  • Incredible Acoustic Performance

    Wide Stereo Coverage

    To every seat in the room

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  • Flat Panel Acoustic Performance

    Clear and Crisp vocal

    Spoken Word to full performance

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    Tectonic Speaker
  • Minimal Room Interaction Speakers

    room interaction

    Reduces the necessity of room treatment

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    Superior sound feedback

    Maximum feedback

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GREAT NAMM 2015 Show!!

Thanks to all who visited.

Stay tuned for more news!!

Tectonic Demo Chronicles & Case Studies

Real World examples of Tectonic Plates solving real world problems.


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System Overview

Tectonic Plates provide major advancements in acoustic performance over traditional pistonic speaker systems. Learn more here.

Acoustic Performance

Tectonic Plates redefine expectations:
•    Wide coverage
•    Minimal room interaction
•    Intelligibility
•    Feedback resistance
.  Discover the Acoustic Performance difference.

Value Equation

Tectonic flat panel loudspeakers change the economics of installed, corporate A/V, and touring speaker systems on a fundamental level.  Interested on how Tectonic Speakers can impact your bottom line?  Read more.

  • Tectonic Audio Labs' new speaker system designs are a major leap forward in the evolution of sound quality and price/performace in the audio markets for touring, installations and consumer products.

    — Brian Bell Synth Bank, LLC

More Expert Opinions

Feedback Resistance Demo

Tectonic's Distributed Mode Loudspeaker (DML) technology provides feedback resistance that traditional pistonic loudspeakers just can't match.

Tough Room - Great Sound

Dallas' Union Station is a great looking venue for an awards show, but a really tough acoustic space - with an arched ceiling and hard floor. The Tectonic DML's random and diffuse output that does not interact destrucitvely with room boundaries, and super-low distortion for intelligibility, provide great sound.

The regional director of Wolfgang Puck Catering describes...

Tectonic Speaker

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