Professional Flat Panel Loudspeakers
At the heart of the Tectonic system is the Distributed Mode Loudspeaker (DML).
The DML utilizes small neodymium drivers to excite large & rigid acoustic panels. Unlike
traditional loudspeaker systems, DMLs excite randomly over a large surface at up to a
six-octave frequency range. The net effect is a large surface that radiates audio in
a wide and diffuse manner.


We add a large-format HF ribbon and shallow wave-guide to assure high frequency fidelity
and, in combination with DML’s, accurate stereo imaging throughout the venue.
  • Intelligibility -- virtually unmeasurable 3rd-order harmonic distortion

  • Very Low Room Interaction -- Little or no room treatment needed

  • Wide Stable Coverage -- 165o coverage, no beaming and stereo imaging at extreme off-axis angles

  • Feedback Resistant - No proprietary DSP or EQ.

  • Highly Efficient - Two 110v 20A circuits for 5,000 seats

  • Lightweight, Thin Form Factor - Greatly reduced transportation, rigging and mounting costs.

  • Architecturally Friendly -- Available vertical form factor and color options.


Advantages of Distributed Mode Loudspeakers 

System Intelligibility
DML's are wide bandwidth devices and cover the vocal range without crossovers.  They are phase coherent and 3rd-order harmonic distortion is nearly immeasurable.

The unique DML diffuse output results in minimal interaction with venue surfaces, and what does reflect does not destructively recombine with the listeners' ears.

The combination of these acoustic traits provides clean clear intelligibility, including clarity and depth in vocals and spoken word for every seat in the house.

Minimal Room Interaction
Tectonic DML sound reinforcement loudspeakers propagate audio energy into enclosed spaces very differently from traditional pistonic loudspeakers that typically utilize cone and compression drivers.Tectonic Plates radiate a diffuse energy vs. a directed pistonic wave front.  When acoustic energy meets a reflective surface, the reflection is equally diffuse, uncorrelated and non-destructive, so it manages reverberant spaces.


Wide, Stable Stereo Coverage
The Tectonic system maintains a stable stereo image throughout its super-wide coverage pattern; to every seat in the house. DML panels are non-directive by design. All frequencies radiate from all points on the DML at all times in the same wide coverage pattern - approximately 160° horizontal and vertical.  

Traditional speaker designs are limited in their coverage by the physical and frequency-based nature of their drivers such that they ‘beam’ in increasingly narrow coverage as the frequency increases. Tectonic Plates provide all frequencies, in stereo, to all seats.

Economy of Use and Ownership
DMLs resonate a low-mass transducer surface that requires much less energy to create an equivalent acoustic output, as compared to the pistonic action of cones and compression drivers. A.C. power needs are approximately two 110V 20A circuits for up 5,000 seats.

Flexible and light weight rigging makes hanging arrays for any coverage quick and easy.

Five Tectonic plates per side to cover a 5,000 seat venue, a small amp rack and rigging hardware pack easily into a couple of road cases; saving thousands of dollars in external equipment, transport and labor costs

Feedback resistance demo

Super-crazy feedback demo of the Tectonic PL-12 DML loudspeaker.



Applications for the Tectonic Flat Panel System are evolving as expert FOH, sound designers and integrators hear for themselves the system's unique performance charateristics and discover additional applications for the flat panel systems.



Road Cases

Full hangs can be pulled from each case by inserting interconnect bars of selected angles and attaching the next panel with Quick-connect pins.




Not only do Tectonic Plates sound amazing, but with the rigging developed, set-up can be fast and easy.


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