Case Studies

Case Studies


Tectonic Case Studies is a collection of installation examples that illustrate the benefits and solutions provided by the unique characteristics of Tectonic Plates. Each article is a description of the problems presented and the solutions we were able to provide.

One Loudspeaker System – Many Solutions

There is an important and common thread through all Case Studies: While each installation was engineered for the number, positioning and aiming of Tectonic Plates, the exact same loudspeaker was deployed in every case.

The acoustic characteristics of Tectonic Plates do not required an engineered solution for each loudspeaker. We do not need to provide various versions with varying coverage patterns, frequency response curves etc. The Tectonic Plates’ minimal room interaction, wide dispersion and full-frequency response to all seats insure superior audio throughout the venue.

Stay tuned for more Case Studies. We’ve got ‘em; were just really busy getting caught up! ‘Case Studies’ is a work in progress and we encourage you to check back on a regular basis to learn more about our system and perhaps find a solution that may solve your particular challenges.

Gig Harbor High School Auditorium 

Empress Theatre 

St. Louise Parish

Seattle City Council Chamber