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Yes, I want to save $2000.

    Offer not valid for integrators and representatives.
    Cannot be applied to orders placed before April 2,
    2019. Deal available only through April 30, 2019.


    Spring is a time of renewal, so why not upgrade your audio environment with best-in-class solutions from Tectonic? Our flat panel Distributed Mode Loudspeakers (DMLs) use bending-wave technology to reproduce the human voice with lifelike clarity. Plus, the wide directivity allows everyone in the space to hear the sound evenly—no matter where they’re located.

    This means your audience won’t miss your music or spoken words because they were standing out of range of the speakers. Whether your venue is small or large, we can accommodate you.

    Plus, our Subwoofers are optimized to offer the highest possible output with the shortest possible footprint. Couple these with amazing amplifiers from our partners at Powersoft and you have a transformative, cost-efficient system for your space.

    This month enjoy our spring bundle, which includes 2 PL-11NR DMLs, 1 Tectonic LS-212 Subwoofer and 1 Powersoft T604 Amplifier for only $13995—a savings of $2000.*



    From removing the cone diaphragms found in traditional speakers to the use of 21st century bending wave modal technology, Tectonic leads the charge in ground-breaking audio innovation. Hear the difference in the crystal-clear voice intelligibility and wide directivity achieved in our Distributed Mode Loudspeakers (DML) and devices that utilize our Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) drive units and exciters.

    *Offer only valid for new customers through April 30, 2019. Deal not open to representatives or integrators.

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